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LET'S CLEAN Fabric Softener 1 L

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Product specification

LET’S fabric softener provides super softness to your clothes, towels, and sheets.

Irresistible luxury perfume designed to last for up to 20 days & Protects laundry against unwanted odors. Enjoy freshness all the day!

Softens the harsh fabric fibers, to leave clothes smooth, fluffy & gentle on your skin will give you a comfortable feel.

Reduces wrinkling, makes ironing easier

Reduces drying time and fights static cling to the fabric

Helps protect your clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz. Your clothes will look newer for longer

Perfect for all laundry types, including cottons, linens, blends, and durable synthetics

Available in 2 premium Fragrance : Luxury Essence - Pure Sky